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Medical Transportation Services

United Hands NEMT provides premier non-emergency and ambulatory transportation. We deliver a safe and convenient transportation option to your destination of choice. When it comes to your specific requirements, you may be confident that you are in capable hands. There will be no long waits, no uncertainty, and we will arrive when we say we will. We will never, ever breach our promises or let you down!

Are you going to the doctor, an outpatient clinic, a rehabilitation center, a nursing home, a VA hospital, a dentist, or any other appointment? A professional driver will greet you and ensure that you arrive securely and comfortably, after which he or she will wait for you or return to pick you up at your convenience. We want you to feel as if you have your own car and chauffeur so you can get your errands done as fast as possible.

Non Emergency Medical Transportation (409) 434-0727

Wheelchair Transportation

$55.00 Loading Fee

$4.00 Per Mile

$25.00 For Additional Occupant

Processing Fee: 5%

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Group Transportation (2-3 passengers)

$65.00 Loading Fee

$4.00 Per Mile

$25.00 For Additional Occupant

Processing Fee: 5%

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We provide the following types of Transportation:


Ambulatory transportation is by far the most popular service we provide. It is intended for persons who do not need any walking aids and can walk on their own, or who only require modest assistance.


We also provide stretcher medical transport, which is great for persons with back difficulties or who are unable to sit upright.


Our wheelchair transport services help those who are confined to a wheelchair or are unable to walk on their own.

Beaumont, TX Non Emergency Transportation (409) 434-0727

Medical Transport

Doctor's Appointment

All of your transportation needs, including doctor's appointments, outpatient clinics, rehab centers, dialysis clinics, radiation clinics, dentist's clinics, testing labs, and more.


Visiting a loved one, going to church, seeing your lawyer, getting a haircut, shopping, flying, and so forth!

Group Activities

Want to do yoga, golf, mall walks, various outdoor activities, or bingo with a group? With the required staff, we can also accommodate large parties.

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